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Group Info

This is the official Jane "Akai" Dalia X Amy Rose lovers group.
We purely focus on the yuri pairing of Jane "Akai" Dalia X Amy Rose.
We accept all media.
Be respectful and kind to eachother.
Remember to give any pictures with akai in it credit to CobaltPie.
If you make drama you will be permanently blocked.
No rudeness. It can also lead to blocking.
Founded 2 Years ago
Aug 14, 2015


Group Focus
Art Collection

143 Members
203 Watchers
25,383 Pageviews
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Hello There Gorgeous Visitor!

We love seeing new people come and enjoy our shipping as it is something we love - And honestly, we just love to express ourselves. Being here, would make us so happy to say hello to you!
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:iconangelxjane-fans: AngelxJane-Fans .: The Stars sealed our love :. :iconsonic-collectors: Sonic-Collectors Love to Collect Sonic Stuff!!


Strawberry Smoothie by b-vis Strawberry Smoothie :iconb-vis:b-vis 50 18 Akamy is so cute by ClassicSonicChick Akamy is so cute :iconclassicsonicchick:ClassicSonicChick 27 10 Akaixamy fan child by rockyloca Akaixamy fan child :iconrockyloca:rockyloca 10 6 Salamy Family, with Akai by hopelessromantic721 Salamy Family, with Akai :iconhopelessromantic721:hopelessromantic721 292 142 Sonic Crossover Ft. AkaiDalia- Catherine! by Siinnack Sonic Crossover Ft. AkaiDalia- Catherine! :iconsiinnack:Siinnack 280 66


Nobody Likes a Grump.



We do not accept such immature behaviour from people being petty in any regards to anyone, so please keep a respectful tone and a pleasant attitude. Thank you.

What if I want to complain?

If any of you have some issues regarding the group please contact IDKY-HannahFu as she is one of our wonderful contributors and is in fact in charge of the complaint factor.

Thank you! :heart:

Also, this couple isn't going against CobaltPie since she stated that Jane's evil twin was a lesbian anyway so realistically Akai is being used correctly in this group - also fair use.
This is le third bloge entry of mama Japh's, and it's gonna be 6 months soon of when the group came to existence//slapped
but in all seriousness, we decided to add in some major rules to this said group, there are many reasons to it, and, yes we are aware of the "All dA rules apply" bull which is, nowadays inconsistent and.. well.. people tend to break the rules. a lot. Oh, and uh, sorry if mama Japh is severely random, I've been through 3 days of depression and I need some randomness time, so cope with me ok?

But anyways, to first explain about what happened, and why we're bringing up some rules into this said group. As you guys know, at the very end of December, and the beginning of January, a drama escalated when miss amy rip off decided to go after a user who planned on doing an akai x amy comic, and the fans pretty much did the same I guess? I don't know, but that person who made the comic got a lot of support, so if you read this person, you better make another page of that comic, mama Japh demands it! :icongrinstareplz:. Miss Amy rip off decided to make a 'call out journal', and another user, whose apparently an art thief, has made a journal as well, and attempted to call out the creator of this group, but.. backlash happened, and you know how Karma is nowadays, she mad bruh, she won't show mercy, top lel. But you get the point, in a shellnut, Miss Amy rip off threw a tantrum because of this group, and thanks to her, we got some publicity. Oh yea, the whole "I don't care, but I'm not realizing that I'm giving them attention" card. I love that card, because you're giving attention to the other like it's no one's business lol.

But with that said, the drama has toned down a notch, she deleted the 'callout journals', and everything is okay.. so to speak. so me, and the creator of this group have been making some.. rules for this group, and we also left a journal for suggestions, buuut.. you guys really read our minds in a way, you got 3 out of 4 rules, congrations//shot

But ya, a couple of you actually suggested the same thing that me and the creator were talking about in private about the rules, and unexpectedly, when I made the suggestion journal, you guys really amazed me, so you guys pretty much revealed the first 3 rules out of 4. There will be 4 major rules, and no more than 4. I will explain it in a bit of a slight detail about the new rules, and we expect you watchers, old and new, to abide by those rules. Please abide by the rules, if you refer to my old journal from November, this is a parody group, and we're all here to have fun, not start drama, to be honest, miss amy rip off already ruined her reputation since 2012.

So with that said, let's begin.

Rule numero uno! And this is the MOST importante rule! DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, MENTION, TALK ABOUT, OR BRING UP, MISS AMY RIP OFF IN THE SAID GROUP! You are free to CREDIT her for usage of her character, mentioning her, talking about her and the recent shit that she pulls, or even try to bring that shit up, will cost you a warning. We don't want ANYTHING to do with her. AT ALL. after the shit that went down, and the whole misunderstanding, and the whole bullshit with her starting drama with the said group, going after akai x amy fans, we all know what she's done, but if she DOES comment to your deviations featuring her character and akai, and demanding you to take the said deviation down, it'd be best to hide her comments, and if necessary, block and ignore. It's your choice if you want to block her, but it'd be best to try and avoid conflict as much as you can, if you can't, the block button is there for a reason. Ironically reporting her sorry ass won't do jack shit, cuz.. admins are nowadays lazy, and everyone is left on their own. Irony, you can smell it from a far.. So with that said, we do not want to bring up past drama with akai, or even mention her in this said group. if I, or any of the mods, see anyone bring up the latest shit that she's done, you're gonna get a warning. we don't want to talk about her, everyone here wants to have fun, and focus on drawing and improving in their artwork. If you break that rule, and you already have a warning, you're gonna get kicked out of this group.. Please abide by this important rule okay? It's not that we don't care about the shit that akai has done, ironically, akai never changed, and her artwork deteriorated drastically, but we don't want to get involved in such drama to the point it causes people to go ballistic, and the block button is there for a reason. Okay? okay.

Rule numero dos! Behavior in said group. Now you guys know how you should behave on the internet.. oh wait there's no such thing as a behavior on the internet, everyone acts either good or bad, depending on person to person. But what we expect from you is that you are ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR. Yes, you're allowed to cuss the fuck out of your god damn tongue, I don't care, but please, if you know of the bible term "love thy neighbor", aka "treat others like how you want to be treated", then you are fully aware that negative behavior towards the other fans, or the admins will cause you to get a warning. Repeated action will cause you to get kicked out of this group. Please do not attack or argue with anyone here. Like I said, everyone here wants to have fun, but please, please respect the other, and don't start anything irrational ok?

Rule numero tres! No hate art/kill art in this group. ya guys know what's up with this one, so it's pretty much self-explanatory, and there's no need to explain about it, but I will keep the no anti-akamy in the separate rule because, like I said, the third rule is pretty much self-explanatory, and I have SEEN kill art, even got one like years ago. But it's fun to do parody part out of kill art, lol.

and finally the final rule.

No. hate/spam. in. this group. WHICH MEANS, NO ANTI-AKAMY, in this group. this group, does not tolerate hate towards ANYONE here, neither do we tolerate spamming, so, like with the third rule, it's pretty much self-explanatory in a way. Please understand that this is a group specifically made for a pairing, which doesn't involve anything irrational ok? ok.

do I make myself clear with these rules? I hope I do.. now if you'd excuse me. Mama Japh has to fly off. and work on her fangame. Bye bye.

(Loulabelle) edit: [ 22/03/17] I just wanted to add a rule in, please remain or try to remain the content within this group to PG, the sexual or extremely mature content is discomforting as there can or could be younger users in this group. I'd rather not see disgusting imagery. This includes: Excessive blood (not in a fighting setting), extreme gore, sexual acts or in general pornographic images. (These aren't even allowed on deviantART) suggestive things are allowed, however extremely suggestive may be questionable. Thank you for reading. I would prefer to keep this shipping to a romantic standard. Yes, if you wish to draw this, I will not stop you. I just mean in the terms of requirements for this group.
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QueenNympth Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I did a 'draw this again' meme with a picture of this pairing. (both the new and old versions are in the group's gallery)
I was I allowed to post the meme to this group? If so, which folder?
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NewHayden98081 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello, I made a Amy x Jane fan kid. I know you already have a Amy x Jane fan kid but can I still post the picture of the fan kid in the folder or an other folder in your group?
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AlphagettiSpaghetti Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017
im complaining 
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TuxSonic Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I haz a question! :)

I know this is mainly (or strictly) an AkaiXAmy group, but I was wondering if maybe there could be a Miscellaneous and/or AkaiXOC/FC folder or a AkaiXAmyXOC/FC folder? :)
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Rosecat12lovelife Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I haven't been here for a very long time. And I apologize for that. I want to let everyone know that I have stopped drawing sonic art for a very long time now and I have moved on to different subjects, *cough*yaoi*cough*anime*cough*, because I feel like there is a future for me in that genre. I also want to make sure that everyone knows that I love you all and appreciate the time and energy that you put into this group. I will visit sometimes to see how you all are doing and hopefully contribute some art as well as perhaps some stories. Love you all, bye bye! <3333
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Shadkunzie Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i just adore this couple what a precious duo, they clearly are wonderful together, everyone draws them so loving and passionate and that makes me so happy.
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ChametzKiwi Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
I love this <3
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NatouMJSonic Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I have found a perfect song for our version of Jane Scarlet Dalia:…
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